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JBL Recalls Vince McMahon Asking If A Pilot Had “Lost His Balls” During A Flight

Vince McMahon

It’s said there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity and JBL has detailed how “fearless” Vince McMahon walked that line while putting a veteran pilot in his place.

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL was recalling a time where Vince McMahon dressed down a pilot after being told that weather conditions were near impossible to land a plane in. Speaking on his Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw show, JBL detailed how the situation didn’t seem to phase Vince McMahon in the least:

“People don’t realize how fearless Vince is. We were flying one time into White Plains, like a short flight, like Boston or somewhere. The pilot comes back and says, ‘Sir, I’m fearless.’ The guy, I think, had been in Iraq flying as a pilot. The guy wasn’t scared, but he said, ‘I would not fly into this. There’s no visibility.’”

“Vince looked up and said, ‘So when you get that uniform, you lose your balls?’ Brian Gewirtz (former WWE head writer) was there asking why Vince was arguing with the pilot. That pilot took off. We were coming in with no visibility. It was like, all of a sudden, we saw the runway and landed. It was that quick. The pilot came back and said, ‘Wow,’ and Vince said, ‘I told you it would be fine.’ Like it was no big deal.”

In the past another WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle has detailed McMahon’s run-ins with pilots, saying McMahon had no time for one when he was told to stop wrestling Angle at 30,000ft:

“My version is Vince was feeling frisky, there was a lot of wine everywhere because we were wrestling. There’s one point where we were near, you know when you open the door, the of the thing, well we’re wrestling, we are hitting that, the things moving and the Flight Attendant is like, ‘You better sit down or we are gonna land this plane right now,’ and Vince looks at her and goes, ‘Tell the pilot to go f*ck himself, I’ll buy this f*cking plane.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

h/t Sportskeeda