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JBL Recalls The Harris Brothers Brawling With A Fan At A Meet & Greet


WWE Hall Of Famer JBL has told the incredible story of Ron and Don Harris fighting with a fan during a meet and greet.

Ron and Don Harris are perhaps best known for their run as 8-Ball and Skull in the World Wrestling Federation in the late nineties. The twin brothers returned to the WWF in 1996 following a brief run in the company as The Blu Brothers in 1995.

As 8-Ball and Skull, the imposing stars were part of the Disciples of Apocalypse faction, riding motorcycles to the ring alongside Crush and Chainz.

Following their run in the WWF, the two men joined WCW as Creative Control, staying with the company until it was purchased by Vince McMahon in 2001.

Speaking on his Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw alongside fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco, JBL discussed an autograph signing that ended in a melee thanks to the intervention of the Harris brothers after a fan said something about Sable and Vader couldn’t respond in the way he wanted to:

“We had an autograph session one time and somebody had said something to Sable and Vader said something back but Vader had, at that time, a lawsuit or something on his — some fan, he had an interaction that got a little violent and Vader didn’t wanna do anything.”

“Well the Harris boys [Ron & Don Harris] didn’t mind, and they came piling on — it was a pretty good little brawl there for a short time and they did very well.”

h/t POST Wrestling