JBL Recalls Lance Cade Taking Undertaker’s Seat On A Bus

The Undertaker standing in the ring with only a jacket on

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (JBL) recently recalled an incident involving Lance Cade and The Undertaker, in a moment that almost left Cade on the dark side of ‘The Deadman’.

Speaking on ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw’,Layfield shared moments from a WWE bus journey from days gone by. At the time Lance Cade was relatively new to the company and yet to learn the backstage etiquette and respect the company has become known for. Layfield recalled Cade taking a particularly comfortable seat on the bus, and the subsequent reaction amongst the performers:

“Lance gets in the best seat on the bus just because he thinks, ‘Hey, there’s a comfortable seat on the bus, I’m gonna sit in it.’ Guys were ribbing him like, ‘Hey, that’s not your seat. You think you’re a big shot?’ Well, he kind of took it as, ‘I can’t back down because then I show weakness.”

Cade, a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion who appeared for the company between 2001 and 2008, seemingly stood his ground until realising that particular seat was saved for none other than locker room leader, The Undertaker:

“Finally somebody pulled him aside and said, ‘Hey, Lance, they’re trying to give you the heads up that that’s for ‘Taker, and that’s a matter of respect.’ And when he did, when he realised it, right away things changed. But you don’t know [WWE etiquette] until you know.”

The Undertaker is widely regarded as one of the most respected and revered WWE performers of all time. Countless superstars have named ‘The Phenom’ as a backstage leader, and a man who commands the most respect amongst performers.

The Blue Meanie appeared on the same episode of JBL and Brisco’s podcast and shared a tale similar to Lance Cade’s Undertaker blunder. Recalling an overseas tour, Meanie described the “instant heat” he once received backstage, for not giving his first-class seat to one of the companies veterans, such as The Undertaker.

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