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JBL Recalls Getting In A Fight In Japan While Working For The Yakuza


JBL has talked about getting into a spot of bother while in Japan working on shows promoted and ran by the Yakuza.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield discussed the unusual events on a Q and A on his YouTube channel. As the WWE Hall Of Famer tells it, things kicked off when he and a few friends went to a noodle house in Japan.

JBL explains:

“We were in a noodle house in Japan. It was me, Teddy [Long] and Ron Price [and JBL’s friend James Beard]. There might have been some others but I don’t remember, I know us three were there. You have to understand in the noodle houses back then they would ban some of the gaijin [foreigners]. They always banned the mafia guys especially the ones with ink. They wouldn’t ban guys with the missing fingers, that’s who we worked for, the Yakuza. But they would ban for sure the guys with ink but they also banned wrestlers essentially. They banned Americans.”

“So we found one that allowed us in and we get there and a guy starts smarting off right away. He’s drunk, we’re drinking, this is not gonna end well. As we get up to leave Ron Price, who’s one of my good friends, dumps their table on him [laughs], the whole table. All hell breaks loose. So we are outside and here come the bicycle police, we’re gonna be in trouble. You have to understand, Americans had almost immunity back then in Japan. The wrestlers did because we worked for the Yakuza, we worked for the mafia so whatever happened, it pretty much got straightened out, we didn’t have a lot to worry about as long as you didn’t do anything too stupid.”

According to JBL, while they were waiting the former WWE Champion armed himself with an unusual choice of weapon:

“As we’re sitting outside, we’re waiting on those guys to come out, we think there’s gonna be a fight. I see a light bulb in a light fixture and I unscrew it. James looks at me and says ‘what are you gonna do?’ and to this day I had no idea what I was gonna do.”

Continuing the theme on his Q and A, JBL also told the story of long-time friend and tag team partner, Ron Simmons, saving him from a bar fight.

Credit: JBL on YouTube

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