JBL Recalls Backstage Fight Between Eddie Guerrero And Kurt Angle

Eddie Guerrero Kurt Angle

JBL has recalled a fight spilling over into the backstage area between Eddie Guerrero and Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle.

Former WWE Champion John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield was hosting a Q and A on his YouTube channel when he recounted the story.

Layfield began:

“So Kurt Angle comes into WWE, and Kurt got over like crazy. I’ve never seen a guy take to professional wrestling quicker than Kurt Angle. Eddie Guerrero – unbelievable talent, it’s like grabbing a compressed spring; you know it’s about to explode and that’s how Eddie was every time he got in front of a live crowd. Eddie had a bad temper, Eddie – wonderful human being; Kurt – wonderful human being.”

“So I’m sitting in the dressing room with Eddie. He and I were pretty good friends as most people know. I don’t know if anyone else is in the dressing room, but you can tell when a fight has broken out. So I don’t know what happened in the ring, I know I think Kurt Angle has told this story a couple of times. I don’t know what happened at Gorilla Position when they came back at that position there right before you go out of the curtain named after Gorilla Monsoon.”

“I just started picking it up as they come fighting back down the hall. You know a fight’s going on and I’m sitting there in the locker, I think I’m by myself, there may have been people with me, and John Laurinaitis is trying to separate Kurt and Eddie. And finally, he gets Eddie back into the dressing room and Kurt and everybody else on the other side, and Laurinaitis shuts the door. Now it just leaves Eddie in the dressing room with the shut door and me where he dressed. So Eddie’s sitting there looking at the door, and he backs up and sits down right beside me where he had sat before he went out for the match with Kurt. So I’ve started to piece stuff together based on the screaming and shouting going on.”

JBL then noted that Guerrero’s choice of attack may not have been the best for fighting an Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler:

“I realised that whatever happened in the ring, they got back to Gorilla Position – it continues. Eddie leg-dives Kurt Angle, to take him down, in Gorilla Position. So here’s where I’m incredulous to this entire event, Kurt angle was not good in wrestling, he was the best in the world out of 8 billion people, or whatever it was in 1996, he was the best wrestler in the world. He wasn’t NCAA Champ – just. He wasn’t just an all-American, he was the gold medallist, the best in the world.”

Eddie Guerrero’s a tough guy, a very tough guy, and can fight. But Eddie, if he wants to do something with Kurt, punch him, hit him with something – you’ve got a chance, maybe – it’s Kurt Angle. But you try to wrestle him, you have zero chance. So as I’m sitting there, and I’m looking at Eddie and Eddie’s just looking at the door and he’s just ‘hss sssh’ – he is furious, and he’s just staring at the door like the door’s gonna move. I’m sitting right beside him, I’m literally right beside him and finally, I look over and I said ‘why would you leg dive a gold medallist?’ And without a second thought, he goes ‘BECAUSE I’M STUPID’, and I just started laughing. Eddie didn’t laugh, Eddie laughed later. Those things happen sometimes.”

JBL himself has also recently told the story of his own backstage altercation with ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar.

Credit: JBL on YouTube

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