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JBL Warned Not To Walk Through Crowd At One Night Stand


WWE Hall Of Famer JBL has relived his ECW One Night Stand experience and reveals he was told that he shouldn’t walk through the very hostile crowd.

In 2005 WWE resurrected the ECW brand that had become defunct in early 2001. Putting on a show in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York gave a chance for the rabid ECW fanbase to give a proper farewell to many of the stars that had entertained them with their extreme antics.

As part of the show, a contingent of Raw and SmackDown superstars watched proceedings from up high in the arena, supposedly disgusted with the notion of resurrecting ECW. Those stars were led by Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff and SmackDown star JBL.

Speaking on the Mack Mania podcast, JBL discussed his ECW experience and says back in the day he didn’t watch their show, rather as a matter of circumstance than design:

“That was so much fun. We didn’t watch ECW. It’s not that we didn’t like ECW. We didn’t watch WCW either because we were working every night.”

“It wasn’t like we chose not to watch them. We didn’t have the opportunity. The last thing you’re going to do is VCR something and watch it when you get back home. When you’re on the road all the time, wrestling all the time, the last thing you want to do is watch wrestling when you come home.”

JBL then discussed ECW’s vociferous fanbase and says he was warned not to walk through the crowd in Hammerstein Ballroom, presumably for his own safety:

“I heard about the fan base. I heard how passionate they are. That was the first time I got to experience it and it was awesome. I mean, I could have done that every night for the rest of my life. It was that much fun. I remember they told me don’t walk through the crowd, and of course, the first thing I did was walk through the crowd because I thought if this place riots, and I live through it, I’m the hottest heel in the world. I loved it. That was one of the best nights I ever had.”

h/t WrestlingNews.co