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JBL & Gerald Brisco Recall Hilarious African Shower Story


JBL has recalled the story of Gerald Brisco coming to find him in his hotel room while the Wrestling God attempted to have a shower, with no water.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield relived his antics on an episode of Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw. The WWE Hall Of Famer was holding up a bus of WWE Superstars during a trip to South Africa after a particularly heavy night out as he explained:

“We’re in South Africa and Gerry [Brisco] comes up to my room and he goes ‘what are you doing?’ I go ‘Mr. Brisco, I’m taking a shower, I’m gonna run a little late ok.’ And he goes ‘we’re waiting on you, what are you doing?!’ I said ‘I’m taking a shower Mr. Brisco I’ll be down there as soon as I can.’ [Brisco] said ‘there’s no water running!’ I’m just standing in the shower, I don’t know how long I’ve been there, I’m just standing there.”

Gerald Brisco then took over the story giving his take on what he was confronted with as he tried to wrangle the Texan to the waiting coach:

“He’s doing one of these on the shower [palms out holding onto the wall], just holding himself up. I’m standing there you know we’re late, you know how the bus goes, you take off but I’m not gonna leave Layfield so I go up, get the key to the room, go up and he’s standing in the shower getting ready. [I said] ‘John, John, come on, what are you doing?’ [JBL said] ‘well I’m showering Mr. Brisco, I’m gonna be ready in a couple of minutes, I’m showering.’ I look and said ‘don’t you think it’d work better if you turned the water on?!'”

JBL and Gerald Brisco were joined by former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle who told the story of how JBL helped him avoid a drunken encounter with Vince McMahon.