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JBL Calls Roman Reigns “Awesome” To Work With As WWE Producer

Roman Reigns

JBL has discussed working as a producer for WWE and says current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was “awesome” to work with.

JBL was discussing his time as a producer for the company that he spent many years as a competitor with fellow WWE Hall Of Famers Gerald Brisco and Bully Ray on Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw.

According to JBL, the job wasn’t something he enjoyed so didn’t stick at it long term but added that even in his early days in the company Roman Reigns stood out for his talents and his wrestling brains:

“I tried it for a few months and I didn’t really enjoy it. You try and explain things the best that you feel in the interests of the performers, and they have so many different ideas. The ones that I dealt with, some of them were awesome, absolutely awesome. I tell you who was awesome – Roman Reigns.”

“He [Roman Reigns] got everything. That was before he main-evented all those WrestleManias. I thought, ‘This guy is really smart.’ Some of them, you’d tell them something and they’d go running and try to change it. ‘Guys, just tell me if you don’t like it. I’m not gonna take it personal.’”

Bully Ray discussed turning down such a role with the company despite being offered a job by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Ray’s long-time tag team partner D-Von Dudley did become a producer with WWE after The Dudley Boyz hung up their boots in the company in 2016.

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription