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JBL Admits He Was Unprofessional When Confronting WWE Hall Of Famer Over “Disrespect”


WWE Hall Of Famer JBL has confessed he was “unprofessional” when he confronted Tully Blanchard backstage at WWE after a fallout years before.

In the mid-2000s while John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield had transformed himself from tag-team gun for hire to Wall Street mogul and WWE Champion. Also around this time, former NWA United States Champion and Four Horsemen Tully Blanchard began working for WWE behind the scenes as an agent.

JBL discussed his infamous run-in with Blanchard backstage on a Q and A on his YouTube Channel. The Texan admits his attempt to settle old scores with Blanchard should have been handled better:

“I had heat with Tully from an old event. Tully doesn’t even remember it from what I’ve seen. I thought he was disrespectful to me, and I carried, stupidly, a lot of anger toward Tully for years. I saw him for the first time in WWE and I just exploded. It was unprofessional, it shouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have happened there. I should have just pulled Tully aside.”

“It’s one of those things where you let stuff fester and it builds up over the years, but I handled it completely wrong, and for that, I told Tully later I was sorry for the whole thing. And I am because I shouldn’t have handled it that way. I should have just pulled him aside and talked to him.”

Tully Blanchard can currently be seen on AEW programming alongside FTR as part of The Pinnacle. Blanchard was inducted alongside the rest of The Four Horsemen into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2012.

h/t Sportskeeda