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JBL Addresses Rumour That Vince McMahon Sent The APA ‘After People’

JBL Vince McMahon

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL has addressed rumours that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon used him and Ron Simmons to go “after people” in the ring.

The tag team of Ron Simmons and JBL stretches back to the late nineties when the two men came together as Acolytes of The Jackal before moving on to serve The Undertaker in his Ministry Of Darkness. Following the dissolution of that group, The Acolytes became guns for hire as The Acolytes Protection Agency or APA.

Speaking on his Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw show with fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco, JBL says that despite being on-screen mercenaries, he and Ron Simmons were never used by Vince McMahon to settle scores in the ring:

“The one thing that never happened, you know people talk about, ‘Vince sent us after people.’ That 100 percent never happened. They never said go after this tag team or beat these guys up or do this or do that. We were never, not one time, told anything like that by anybody in the WWE, as far as agents or anything else. That became a myth later. Everybody has revisionist history. They start changing things over time.”

JBL and Simmons did have one infamous match with former ECW Tag Team Champions The Public Enemy in 1999. The match became infamous for the beating The Acolytes dished out on Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge in one of their handful of matches with the then-WWF. According to JBL however, they were upset with The Public Enemy over a perceived lack of respect:

“They came in that day and they walked in the building at 5:30. The show started at like 6:30 or doors at 6:30. They wouldn’t even come on time. They’d come late, they’d come walking in, they’d make a grand entrance coming in. They flaunted the rules. They didn’t show much respect at all when they came in. I think we kind of thought that was an outlier but we didn’t know because we didn’t see a lot of ECW because we were on the road every night”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription