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Jazz Claims John Laurinaitis Said She Had A “Job For Life” Before Release


Former WWE star Jazz has claimed that John Laurinaitis told her she had a job for life with the company before later releasing her.

After a short run in ECW, Jazz signed with the then WWF in 2001, making her debut at that year’s Survivor Series.

The star offered a totally different dynamic to the rest of the women’s division, as her character was focused solely on wrestling and inflicting punishment on her opponents. In turn, this made her a perfect foil for Trish Stratus who was beginning to establish herself as an in-ring performer, and a leading light of the now expanding women’s division.

During her run with the company, the Louisiana native won the Women’s Championship twice before being released in November 2004. She briefly returned in June 2006, but was gone by mid-January the following year.

Appearing on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene podcast, the former champion reflected on her time with WWE. During the conversation Jazz claimed that she was once told by John Laurinaitis, who operated as Head of Talent Relations, that she would have a “job for life” with the company. Despite this, it was Laurinaitis who later made the call to tell her that she was being released.

“It [WWE release] came out of the blue, like had no idea. First of all, Johnny Ace [Laurinaitis] always told me, ‘Jazz, you have a job for life, you’re unbelievably talented, we’ve never had anyone like you. You have a job for life.’ So I kind of believed that, but yet still I wasn’t content and comfortable. I always kept working hard.”

The former WWE Superstar later added that she had no idea why she was released, especially given her recent high-profile run within the women’s division.

“He called me, he was like, ‘Hate to do it, yeah, creative just don’t have anything for you.’ You’re like, ‘Huh… what? What do you mean? I was just your champion. What do you mean?’” Jazz continued, “Trish and I carried that f***ing company for about two years because Lita was out with a broken neck.”

Upon leaving WWE, Jazz went on to wrestle for Shine, Chikara, the NWA, and IMPACT Wrestling among others.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.