Jay White Address Future After Defeat In ‘Loser Leaves Japan Match’

Jay White

At the time of this writing, New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW)’s first major post-Wrestle Kingdom show, The New Beginning, has come and gone. And while the show was headlined by an IWHP World Heavyweight Title match between Kazuchika Okada and Shingo Takagi, it’s a match from the undercard that may have bigger implications for the wrestling business.

The third match from the top saw Bullet Club leader ‘Switchblade’ Jay White take on Hikuleo of the Guerillas of Destiny. Dissention between the BC and its sub-group led to these two wrestlers facing off. But it wasn’t just a normal match; it was a loser leaves town match…or to be more precise, a loser leaves Japan match.

And after 25 minutes of hard-hitting action, Jay White must now find a new home.

But it doesn’t look like he’ll have to look far or wait long before making his next move.

“New Japan Strong…daddy is coming home!” – Jay White

After losing his match at The New Beginning, Jay White went to NJPW’s regular press area and cut a long promo alongside his manager Gedo. White congratulated Hikuleo on finally having his big career moment, even if it came at White’s expense.

And as White further emphasized the enormity of that match result – that Hikuleo gave White, a Grand Slam Champion, his first defeat in Osaka – reality began to set in. White struggled to maintain his composure as he realized that he would have to leave New Japan.

White switched back and forth between English and Japanese as he spoke to New Japan/Shin Nihon’s fans. He struggled to keep it together as he almost mustered enough strength to thank the fans, before doubling back and telling them, “you’re welcome” before staggering off.

But in the midst of what came across as a heart-felt eulogy for his NJPW career, White gave a small teaser for what’s next in store for him:

“Eddie Kingston…daddy is coming to San Jose. And what else do I have to lose now, Mr. Kingston?

Jay White’s entire post-match interview can be found below.

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