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Jaxson Ryker – “WWE Are Really Open With Our Creativity”

Jaxson Ryker

Speaking in a new interview, WWE RAW Superstar Jaxson Ryker has praised WWE for being “really open” to creativity, both in-ring and in promos.

The topic of creative freedom has existed in wrestling as long as the genre itself. It’s a topic that’s currently as pertinent as ever, especially where WWE are concerned. The suggestion being that as a performer, you may be afforded greater freedom elsewhere, even if the stage is a little smaller.

However, during a recent appearance on Radical Lifestyle, Jaxson Ryker painted a slightly different picture.

Ryker explained that WWE are “really open” in regard to the creativity of their performers.

“They’re really open with our creativity as far as what we’re allowed to do, allowed to say,” Ryker stated. “Obviously, we got to pull back the reins a little bit, but with WWE, they’re really, really open to creativity, and luckily, Elias and I have done a little switch and we’re fighting each other on TV. They’re giving me an opportunity to kind of touch base on my Marine Corps history and all that stuff. There’s a good little bit of leeway.”

Continuing on, Ryker discussed his motivation and how he feels he can’t take being in WWE for granted.

“Once you reach a certain pinnacle, it’s like building a business,” Ryker described. “A businessman opens his business. It starts booming, and it’s really successful. He’s not going to slow down. He can’t, per se, take a day off and decide to just take a break.

“Pro wrestling for me, I am in WWE. Back in April, I got a chance to perform in my first WrestleMania, which was a childhood dream of mine, and I have to sit daily, especially when I’m at TV on Monday nights, and go, okay, I’m at the big times now. I can’t slack off tonight and be lazy in the ring or be lazy with my training because I’ve always taken pride in how I look.

Ryker added that he is determined to make sure that he’s prepared for any opportunity that comes his way, explaining that you need to be ready to grab the infamous ‘brass ring.’

“There is a mentality with me, and I know with others I can speak for where it’s like, you have to keep going because it’s, what they say, grabbing that brass ring in pro wrestling. You always have to be prepared for any opportunity to shine, to do better, to advance your character, advance your storyline, and if I decided to go into work on one Monday and I’m just super lazy and don’t care, have a bad attitude, then that’s not going to do anything for me. It’s not going to do anything for my family or the fans.”

After splitting from his long-time tag team partner Elias, Ryker has embarked on a short winning streak. The former TNA star is currently undefeated in his last four matches on RAW. This includes a win over his former partner is a Strap Match.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.