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Jaxson Ryker Says He Wouldn’t Publicly Apologize For Controversial Tweet

Jaxson Ryker

Former WWE Superstar Jaxson Ryker made it clear that he sees no reason to apologize for his controversial 2020 tweet that saw his stable removed from television.

Amidst racial tensions in the United States following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, then President Donald Trump addressed the country and said that he was ready to deploy military force to deal with protesters across the nation.

SmackDown star Jaxson Ryker was heavily criticized when he tweeted support for Trump during this tense time, also addressing his SmackDown stable the Forgotten Sons in the tweet.

“Thankful for the @POTUS we have! God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More”

Fellow WWE Superstars such as Kevin Owens, Mustafa Ali, and Batista publicly criticized Jaxson Ryker for the tweet, and the Forgotten Sons (which also included Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler) were taken off of television.

Speaking to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Jaxson Ryker spoke about the tweet and its aftermath, saying that he thinks it’s ridiculous that it caused so much controversy.

“The funny thing is, I tweeted that and two weeks later, Linda McMahon basically tweets the same exact thing. I always laugh about that. I went back, I tweeted it in June 2020, and six or seven months before, I tweeted something about Donald Trump and got no backlash. I don’t know why, at the time, that happened when it happened. What really caught fire is when the employees of the company kind of latched on to this. I don’t know why, I never really spoken to any of those guys or had any issues.”

Jaxson Ryker also said that he wished people would have approached him directly if they had a problem with his tweet instead of blasting him publicly on social media, and spoke about threats made to his family in the aftermath.

“Just come to me and talk if you have a problem. Don’t tweet it out just so your followers can go, ‘Oh man, that’s so cool, we love you.’ That’s basically what it came down to. It was nuts. In a matter of four or five hours, my address (was online), death threats to my family.

“I could understand if I got on there and tweeted something racial or derogatory, it was supporting a guy I thought was doing a good job. I served four years in the Marine Corp, so like anybody else, if you have an opinion, it’s your opinion. We can talk about it. We might disagree, but at least it will build to, ‘you go your way, I’ll go my way.’ Once my family got attacked, it was like, ‘this has got to be kiboshed.'”

When asked if he received any direction from the WWE office as to whether or not he should apologize, Jaxson Ryker says that he didn’t, but that he would not have apologized anyway because he doesn’t believe he said anything wrong.

“The only thing I got from the office was ‘lay low.’ They took us off TV, don’t understand why, but they did. There was never a moment where the company said, ‘we need you to issue an apology’ because, respectfully, I would have said ‘no,’ I don’t feel like I needed to. I learned, at that time, just not even going to comment on it. Just not say anything because that’s what they want you to do.

“It just got blown out of the water. That’s my views. Once again, if I would have said something derogatory, racial, whatever, I can completely understand. It just put a kibosh on everything, we were off TV from June until December. It was wild. It basically ended the Forgotten Sons.”

Despite the tweet ending his onscreen role and getting his stablemates taken off television along with him, Jaxson Ryker stands by his decision not to apologize.

“I’m very happy to say that I did not apologize and I haven’t, I don’t feel like I need an apology. It’s a very sensitive time in our nation. There are people battling over politics and it just sucks. I was in Marine Corp for four years with different colored people and different ethnic backgrounds. We were brothers. We might not have agreed on ‘you vote for this guy, I vote for this guy, we hardly ever talked about voting.

“All I know is that we were a brotherhood, no matter skin color, and that’s what it was about, being humans and talking things out, sometimes behind closed doors, and throwing fists. That’s what we did and at the end, shake hands, ‘I got your back, no matter what.’ That’s not the way the world is now.”

Ahead of his release from the company in November of 2021, Jaxson Ryker reportedly had a lot of heat backstage for his controversial views.

Jaxson Ryker last appeared on Monday Night Raw on September 27th where he was defeated by Karrion Kross, who has also since been released. Ryker’s last match in WWE took place on November 1st where he lost out to Cedric Alexander on Main Event.

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