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Jaxson Ryker Called Out For Homophobic Comment

Jaxson Ryker

Several wrestling stars have risen up to call out former WWE star Jaxson Ryker after he recently spewed his vile homophobic and anti-abortion views.

Ryker previously wrestled for several years as Gunner in TNA before joining WWE in 2017. His time in the company is best remembered for his stint in the Forgotten Sons stable with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake. The group was taken off television and quietly disbanded following a tweet from Ryker where he expressed support for Donald Trump.

Jaxson Ryker returned to WWE television and formed a partnership with Elias before feuding with the guitar-wielding star. Ryker was released from his WWE contract in November 2021.

Now the former WWE Superstar has looked to garner attention for himself through spreading homophobia and anti-abortion rhetoric on social media which has been met by anger and disgust by many stars of the wrestling world.

Ryker originally tweeted:

“Rise up! Rise up against abortion, against homosexuality, against gender agenda, against that which Goes against the Word. Share love in doing so. We all have faced times in sin where a brother or sister showed us Jesus and his love. Church we must love and speak truth”

Stars such as Taya Valkyrie, Lance Storm, and Andrew Everett among many others have since responded to Ryker’s ignorance with their own messages that can be read below.