Jaxson Ryker And The Forgotten Sons WWE Status Update

Jaxson Ryker Thumb

According to Fightful Select, Jaxson Ryker was not part of The Forgotten Sons re-debut on Friday Night SmackDown because there is still immense heat on the talent from WWE management.

On December 4, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler made their return to the main roster, sans Ryker, to aid King Corbin in his struggle over Buddy Murphy. Murphy is of course the former NXT partner of Blake. However, as per Fightful, it doesn’t appear that Jackson will be returning to WWE any time soon.

In recent months, Jaxson Ryker has been at the centre of controversy due to his political tweets during the recent BLM campaign. Thanks to backlash from their fan base, WWE were forced to quietly withdraw The Forgotten Sons from television.

According to the report from Fightful, since being take off of WWE television, Jaxson Ryker has not been present at any tapings and was even removed from the promotion’s roster page on their website when it was noted that management were not high on the talent upon his main roster promotion.

The report did categorically state that there was zero heat on Cutler and Blake and their absence was purely because at the time, WWE had nothing for them. That has since changed and the talented duo will now be paired with King Corbin going forward.