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Jamie Hayter Sets Sights On Blackpool Combat Club

Jamie Hayter

AEW star Jamie Hayter may have her sights set on a new group if she ever parts from Dr. Britt Baker DMD – the Blackpool Combat Club.

After making a couple of appearances for AEW, Jamie Hayter made her presence felt in the company in the summer of 2021 when she turned up by the side of then-AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD. Since then Hayter has helped Baker achieve success while steadily making a name for herself in the company.

Speaking to WhatCulture Jamie Hayter did reveal, however, that if she wasn’t with Britt Baker then she’d happily find a home with compatriot William Regal in the Blackpool Combat Club:

“Yes, absolutely. I would love to be. If I wasn’t with Britt, I would be gunning to go to the BCC. It’s just because they kick ass. That’s my sh*t. They do the stuff I love doing. I’m a bit rough around the edges and things like that like a usual British person is. I would love to be under their wing and learn from them and be more of a lethal weapon. I’ll be the new Steve Blackman [laughs].”

Jamie Hayter then discussed learning from Regal – and the rest of the AEW coaches – backstage and says she still finds it crazy that she can approach these wrestling legends and pick their brains:

“It’s fantastic. Especially being here, all we want to do is learn. Everybody just wants to get better and put out a really good product for TV, which we do, but personally, if I want to improve, you want to pick these people’s brains like a Regal, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Jerry Lynn, all these amazing performers and people who have been in the business for such a long time.”

“You can just go up to them and talk. It’s crazy. I never thought I could go up to Regal and be like, ‘I’d like to pick your brain about something. What do you think about this?’ It’s great and very handy. In the short time of being here, I have learned a lot and made the most of the fact that there are so many incredible people there.”

Jamie Hayter will no doubt hope to put her skills to good use when AEW makes its debut in Los Angeles. Hayter will team up with Dr. Britt Baker DMD on Dynamite to take on the team of Ruby Soho and Toni Storm.

h/t Fightful