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Jake Roberts Admits He Wakes Up At Night Thinking Of Rival’s Erect Nipples

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts has bizarrely revealed that he’s still haunted by the sight of one former rival and his erect nipples.

While in Georgia Championship Wrestling in 1983, Jake Roberts found himself locked in an increasingly violent rivalry with Ron Garvin. In the feud which last into 1984, the pair went to war over the NWA World Television Championship in every kind of violent street fight that you can imagine.

Speaking during an appearance on Busted Open Radio , Roberts fondly recalled his rivalry with the former NWA World Champion. However, he also admitted that he remains baffled to this very day over the fact that Garvin’s nipples would get hard just before he made his comeback. Something that apparently not even the man himself could explain.

“That was a damn fight,”

I’ve been in street fights where I would have given up a long time ago with Ronnie because he would light me up. I’ll tell you something weird that would happen with Ronnie, I used to be beating the snot out of him and I’d look down and think, ‘He’s not getting back up.’ I’d pound him a couple more times and I’d look and I was waiting for him to get up and make the comeback. I know he’s going to do it sooner or later because he’s a real man.

You might think you have Ronnie Garvin whipped, but you don’t. He had a tell, like in Poker. He had a tell on him when he was about to get up and make his comeback. You know what the tell was? His nipples would get hard. It’s true. It bugged me for years. I saw him at a Con a couple years ago and I was like, ‘Ronnie, please, you have to answer me one question.’ ‘What do you want to know?’ ‘Why did your nipples get hard before you beat the shit out of me?’ He just looked at me, laughed, and walked off. So, I still don’t know.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m thinking about Ronnie Garvin and it scares me. Why in the hell did your nipples get hard? I don’t know if I want to know the answer.”

Following his rivalry with Garvin, Jake Roberts signed with World Class Championship Wrestling before moving to the WWF in 1986.

Roberts is currently signed to AEW where he manages Lance Archer.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.