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Jake Roberts Says He Has “An Opportunity To Regain Dream” In AEW

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts has revealed that his initial contract with All Elite Wrestling was only for a ten-week run in the company.

Roberts would make his official AEW debut on the March 4th, 2020 episode of Dynamite, interrupting Cody Rhodes. The following week Jake ‘The Snake’ would introduce Lance Archer into the company as his client. Archer would enter a tournament for the TNT Championship, losing to Rhodes in the final.

Roberts was speaking on the ‘Rasslin’ With Brandon F. Walker’ podcast when he was asked about joining AEW. Roberts revealed that there had been some doubts on his part at first.

Jake explained:

“After you’ve lived through [Vince] McMahon, it leaves you sour. He destroyed a lot of people. That’s his problem. It soured me on promotions, the big ones because I knew what they could do to humans. They were able to steal your dreams. I see this as an opportunity to regain and recover my dream, which was to do what I could in wrestling. They opened the door just a little and I came to AEW with a contract that said ten-weeks, then I was going to be done. Very quickly, they decided they wanted to keep me around.”

The WWE Hall of Famer then discussed his partnership with Lance Archer. Roberts would note that before the two met, he had never even seen Archer compete in the ring:

“I did not know Lance Archer and had never seen him wrestle. But when they offered me the opportunity, I jumped on it. I was just going to do what I do and let them do what they do. I can’t be the guy in the ring, but he does a great job and makes it easy for me.”

Jake Roberts was ringside for Archer’s recent bout as part of the ‘Face Of The Revolution’ ladder match at AEW Revolution. Roberts would get involved in the proceedings, hitting a short-arm clothesline on the debuting Ethan Page.

Credit: Rasslin’ With Brandon F. Walker

h/t Fightful for the transcription