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Jake Roberts Reveals He’s Contracted COVID-19

Jake Roberts

Current AEW star Jake Roberts has revealed that despite staying home from work for several months, he’s still caught COVID-19.

Roberts built a wrestling career for himself like no other, making his WWF debut in 1986, making his WrestleMania debut just a month later, wrapping his prized snake Damien around his opponent’s head.

Roberts honed his interview skills in his own segment called ‘The Snake Pit’ where he went toe to toe on the microphone with some of wrestling’s biggest ever icons. A feud with the Honky Tonk Man saw Roberts become a hero for the first time in his run with the company. The feud was not without cost however as a guitar shot from Honky Tonk did immeasurable damage to Roberts’ neck.

Jake Roberts aligned for a spell with The Undertaker as The Deadman engaged in a feud with Ultimate Warrior before Jake ‘The Snake’ moved on to tormenting Randy Savage, going as far as having his prized cobra bite Savage on the arm in a memorable segment.

When Roberts became enraged after a loss to Savage he was stopped from attacking Savage’s wife Miss Elizabeth with a steel chair by his ally The Undertaker. This led to a WrestleMania VIII match which saw Jake Roberts become the second victim of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak and was also Roberts’ last match in the company until his comeback in 1996.

That comeback began at the 1996 Royal Rumble but is best remembered for Roberts’ role in the birth of Austin 3:16 at that year’s King Of The Ring. As the star began to struggle with his well-documented drug and alcohol issues once again, Roberts was released from his deal in February 1997.

Over the intervening years, Roberts made a handful of returns to WWE, notably when he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2014 by close friend Diamond Dallas Page.

In March 2020, Jake Roberts stunned the wrestling world when he made his debut in All Elite Wrestling, antagonising Cody Rhodes and promising to bring someone to the company to best Rhodes. The next week Roberts turned up to ringside with former IWGP United States Champion Lance Archer. Archer and Rhodes’ feud continued until the final of the TNT Title Tournament that The American Nightmare won to become the inaugural TNT Champion.

Jake Roberts recently underwent foot surgery causing him to miss some dates for AEW but was back by Archer’s side at the Rochester tapings in September.

Now the wrestling icon has taken to social media to confirm that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19:

“I’ve waited so long. Actually thought I was bulletproof. Yes I’ve gotten Covid-19!!!!!”

“Yes after not going to do my AEW work for nearly 3 months. Tony Kahn knows I’m high risk and has gone above and beyond all expectations trying to keep everyone safe. Pretty sure I got it from family or when I was out shopping.”

Everyone at Inside The Ropes wishes Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts a full and speedy recovery.