Jake Roberts Recalls WWE Hall Of Famer’s Bizarre Injury From Beating Up A Fan

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts has seen plenty during his decades in professional wrestling, including a fellow WWE Hall of Famer getting a tooth stuck in his hand during an altercation.

Speaking on a recent episode of The Snake Pit, Roberts opened up about an incident that saw Roman Reigns‘ father Sika get into a fight with an intoxicated individual in Baton Rouge, LA.

“Well, I was terrified. I’ll be straight up with you. I’ve wrestled Sika probably 100 times in Mid South. And it was terrifying, man.

“In fact, there was an incident where, oh, gosh, this is too much. All the wrestlers were staying at a hotel in Baton Rouge. And they were all out and getting sun, and Sika was laying down out there and he just having a nice afternoon in the sun drinking a few beers, you know and not bother nobody and then some drunk comes out the pool and starts talking sh*t. And Sika wound up jumping up out of his lounge chair and chasing the guy down the street.

“No, no. First he reached up and backhanded the guy. You know, just give him a big backhand. And when he did blood went everywhere. Yeah, the guy’s face was just opened up. So the guy took off running, and Sika’s chasing him on asphalt and glass running down the side of the highway screaming at the guy.”

“That’s A F***ing Tooth!” – Jake Roberts

Continuing, Roberts revealed that while the future WWE Hall of Famer’s hand wasn’t broken from the incident, Sika had the man’s tooth lodged in his hand when he delivered the backhand.

“Well, he goes to show that he’s got his hand all wrapped up. He’s like, ‘Oh, bruh, I think I broke my hand, man.’ Like, oh, shit, that’s a shame. You know, we didn’t do anything. Well, later man, the hand is swelling. And we’re like, ‘Yeah, bro. Maybe you did break it.’ Like yeah, ‘I think I broke my hand, man. I could see the bone.’

“And he shows it to me. I’m like, ‘That’s not a bone. That’s a f*cking tooth!’ The guy’s teeth stuck in your hand, yeah. It broke his tooth off into his hand. And it’d been in there for like four days, man, festering up, you know?”

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