Jake Roberts Recalls Insane Near-Death Encounter With An Alligator

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts and utterly chaotic stories from life on the road go together like Brock Lesnar and a cowboy hat.

From his snake biting a stripper on the nipple (not a euphemism) to having the mafia ordering a hit on him, Roberts has seen it all and then some.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Snake Pit podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled another story that could have only ever happened to him. Roberts said that he and a group of wrestlers were traveling in a Plymouth station wagon when they came upon a dead alligator lying in the road.

For reasons known only to themselves, the group decided to pick up the alligator, put it in the car, and take it home with them. The only problem was that said alligator was very much still alive, at least initially.

“We back up and get out and make sure it’s dead, and throw it in the back of that f***ing car. We were just going to take him home man, it’s like a seven or eight-foot alligator or something. There was room for it right there, you can reach over the seat and pat him and everything.”

“All of a sudden we hear it, that mother****** wasn’t quite dead, no he was coming back. So we had to go ahead and kill it, man.”

Jake Roberts Sparked AEW Chaos

Speaking on a different episode of his podcast, Roberts recalled upsetting TBS during an episode of Dynamite. In a segment on the show, Roberts placed a snake on top of an ‘unconscious’ Brandi Rhodes. The veteran revealed that TBS was “really p*ssed” over the incident, as they had told AEW not to use a live snake, but he did it anyway.

H/t to eWrestlingNews