Jake Roberts Recalls Iconic “Austin 3:16” Promo [Exclusive]

Austin 3:16

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has recalled the iconic “Austin 3:16” promo cut on him by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin during the 1996 King of the Ring.

While speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Roberts would reminisce about one of professional wrestling’s most famous speeches, and one that birthed maybe one of the most iconic catchphrases in professional wrestling upon Jake The Snake’s second run with WWF.

“It was very smart. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and he did it, man. He took the pieces that were on the table and he made them go together. He was a great worker, he twisted and turned. As far as the 3:16 thing, man, that had been it’s been coming for a long time.

Roberts went on to say the genius of the promo was the timing, and managing to lean into popular culture.

“I mean, in the States mostly, you seen it at all the football games, there was always somebody with that sign, so it was just Stone Cold doing it at the right time because there was a lot of focus on the match.”

You can check out our full interview with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts here.

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