Jake Roberts Recalls Being Fired At While Wrestling Sting

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts was once nearly shot while wrestling Sting.

The wrestling legends clashed in Texas when the dangerous incident occurred. The WWE Hall of Famer recalled the events that took place when being asked about one of the craziest things that has ever happened while competing inside of the squared circle.

Jake Roberts Was Nearly Shot By Fan In Attendance

Roberts recalled that despite multiple shots being fired, none would hit their intended target. Jake “The Snake” Roberts would then wisely decide to take cover underneath the ring to avoid an injury or worse.

Roberts recounted the terrifying incident while conducting an interview with Big Reptile Talk:

“Craziest one would have been in Dallas, Texas. I was wrestling Sting. A guy stood up in the ninth row, reached in his jacket. [He] pulled out a pistol and started shooting at me. He got three shots off. Missed me. That’s about as crazy as it gets. I jumped my ass out of that ring, got underneath the ring and hid.”

Roberts has had multiple near-death experiences in his legendary career. In a separate interview, The Snake recalled a time where an incident with an alligator could have also caused serious harm to himself following a misunderstanding.

Roberts would be seen on wrestling television again in 2020, officially signing with AEW in March to confront Cody Rhodes.

Even though Roberts can now be seen less frequently on AEW TV, his opponent on the aforementioned night still makes regular appearances. The Icon Sting has been aligned with Darby Allin since signing with All Elite Wrestling back in 2020. Sting frequently accompanies Allin to the ring, fending off those who attempt to interfere in the former TNT Champion’s matches.

Along with no one in the ring being hurt, Jake Robert’s iconic snake was also not a victim of the sudden shooting. Roberts has told multiple unbelievable stories that have happened with his snake, with one visit to a strip club having humorous results.

H/t to EWrestlingNews for the use of transcription.