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Jake Roberts On MJF’s Pipebomb Promo: “It Made Me Sick”

Jake Roberts & MJF

Jake Roberts has hit back at MJF following his already infamous “pipebomb” promo on AEW Dynamite, claiming there will be locker room “repercussions.”

While MJF has never been known for being particularly understated, his appearance on the most recent episode of Dynamite will undoubtedly go down in history. Whether that is for the right or wrong reasons, only time will tell.

After a weekend where he missed a fan-fest appearance, and his relationship with AEW President Tony Khan seemingly hung by an ever-increasingly stretched thread, MJF decided to fire back.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, storyline and reality, the ‘Salt of the Earth’ launched into a tirade that no one was quite prepared for. The star hit out at fans, fellow AEW wrestlers, and demanded he be fired, calling Khan a “f*cking mark” until his mic was cut.

The promo wasn’t mentioned on the rest of the show and clips were missing from all AEW official social media. Furthermore, in the days after the show, MJF was removed from AEW’s roster page, with all of his merchandise being pulled from the promotion’s online store.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast, AEW employee Jake Roberts revealed that he was less than impressed with the segment. The WWE Hall of Famer commenting that it “made him sick.”

“I would love to see what the locker room is like,” he continued. “The bomb that he dropped is going to have repercussions with people.”

Reflecting on MJF’s missed fan-fest appearance, Jake “The Snake” had some harsh words for the star.

“I couldn’t believe he no-showed a signing, man,” Roberts asserted. “It’s a big thing with Tony, he loves these signings, and he wants these guys there. And for me, you don’t miss stuff like that. This is your fans, your fanbase. These people paid to get in there and you no-showed?”

Since the segment aired, Warner Bros. Discovery have reportedly ordered AEW to remove MJF from all promotional material. Meanwhile a fresh report has stated that after MJF’s no-show, some within AEW had a genuine concern for his safety, and there was a discussion over organising a wellness check.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.