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Jake Roberts Claims Vince McMahon Fears Him

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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has spoken about about his relationship with Vince McMahon and opined that he is the one man that the WWE President is still scared of, twenty-three years after their last professional dealing.

Appearing on Premier Live TV, where Jake also discussed his COPD diagnosis and McMahon not originally seeing main event potential in Steve Austin, Roberts recalled how Vince used to run the WWF ship in the late eighties and early nineties and how he refused to beg for his position on the card:

“I got three days off in the next 55 days. I need to go home! ‘Well Jake, you need to come in here and battle for your position.’ ‘Why do I have to come in here and battle?’ Vince McMahon liked having people kiss his a–. Beg, beg for that spot. Dude, I’m not begging.

He’s still scared of me. I’m the one person he says he’s still scared of. Not because I have more money than him, because I don’t. Not because of this, that, or the other, but because of my mind. A mind, you can overcome anything with it if you use it properly. There’s nothing out there that I want that I can’t get with the mind I have.”

Undoubtedly one of the greatest minds to have ever existed in the industry, Jake Roberts’ psychology inside the ring was second to none. His sense to put and keep matches together even against the most inept foes was and still is something to be admired.

Jake wasn’t finished at the admission that Vince was still afraid of him. He went on to speak about his current project in All Elite Wrestling where Jake has been a mainstay since March:

“But you give somebody an upstart, like AEW, that’s got a bunch of hungry god damn kids out there. These guys are hungry, man, ’cause they’re the guys that are always told, ‘Maybe next year,’ or, ‘You don’t really have what we’re looking for. You don’t really have that look.’ Who picks the looks? It’s sad, man, to spend your whole life working towards a goal, whether it be professional wrestling, or an artist of any type, or anything, and then to be told there’s no room for ya? What do you mean, man? I dedicated my whole life to this. And just because you don’t feel like giving me the chance, you’re telling me I’m not worthy of it?”

Jake Roberts last worked for the WWE, then WWF, as a performer and writer in 1997. On-screen, he had a rivalry with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler based around his alcohol addiction, while off-screen he credits ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as one his greatest ever creations.

Credit for the interview: Premier Live TV

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.