Jake Roberts Discusses Gimmick For AEW Star That Could Make Them Millions

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts has an idea. An idea and a gimmick change that could see a current AEW star make millions of dollars in an instant.

For more than three decades Jake Roberts has been known as one of the most astute and highly praised minds in the wrestling business. Although his own career was hampered by well documented personal demons, his knowledge and understanding of wrestling psychology has been widely praised.

Speaking on the latest episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast alongside fellow WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, Roberts discussed AEW star MJF. The Salt of the Earth hasn’t been seen on AEW television since cutting a scathing “pipe bomb” style promo on June 1st where he attacked everyone and everything in the company including President Tony Khan.

In the infamous rant, MJF branded Khan a “f*cking mark” and begged him to fire him. Further blurring the lines between storyline and reality, as reports swirled about the star wanting to leave AEW and head to WWE.

Roberts explained that should MJF return with a new gimmick he would make millions.

“I’ve got a gimmick that could be the greatest gimmick in the world and always has been the greatest gimmick, but nobody wants to do it,”

“Cry-baby. A heel is a cry-baby. MJF could pull it off [snapping fingers] that quick! If he went stomping his feet and throwing temper tantrums out there, and they started chanting ‘cry-baby,’ he would be a millionaire tomorrow. Because everybody hates a cry-baby.”

The WWE Hall of Famer had previously claimed that MJF’s explosive promo “made him sick” adding that there would be repercussions in the locker room.

It was recently reported that no one from AEW has heard from MJF since that famous episode of Dynamite back on June 1st.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.