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Jake Roberts Says Cody Rhodes’ Moustache Was Worst He’d Ever Seen

Cody Rhodes & Jake Roberts in the ring

Jake Roberts has offered his opinion on Cody Rhodes leaving AEW, but not before calling out the American Nightmare’s famous or should that be infamous moustache.

Cody Rhodes is currently the talk of the wrestling world, and he has been since he announced that he had left AEW on February 15th.

Ever since that day there has been constant speculation linking him with a return to WWE, where he began his career more than 15 years ago. This was followed by a report on March 18th that a deal had been done between the two sides.

Speaking on the latest episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast alongside Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts offered his thoughts on the situation. But not before passing judgement on the infamous moustache that Rhodes sported during a portion of his time in WWE.

Roberts explained that he didn’t really get to know Cody Rhodes until he began working with AEW, but as a man who has always had a strong facial hair game, he was less than impressed with Rhodes’ previous attempts.

“I didn’t meet Cody until AEW, I didn’t know him. I mean I’d seen him here and there, I’d seen him as Stardust. I remember seeing him with a horrible moustache. That was the worst moustache I’ve ever seen. It just didn’t work for him. That porn moustache did not work for him.”

Moving onto the more serious matter of Rhodes’ exit from AEW, Roberts simply hopes that the former TNT Champion does what’s right for him and his young family.

“Whatever he wants,” Roberts said. “Whatever his heart desires that will allow him to be around his child as much as possible. I know what I missed over the years, being on the road all the time. Nobody should have to miss the things that I missed. Nobody. Kids growing up are the most important thing because they help keep you young, you know?

“Watch them enjoy the things that you did, maybe 20 years before, but you get to taste some more of that. I think it’s important. Certainly, a strong family base is so important these days. That’s my desire for him, and Dustin I hope does whatever he wants to do and certainly deserves the opportunity to do whatever they want to do.”

Roberts explained that it’s important for Rhodes to be somewhere he enjoys working, comparing the situation to his own life and career.

“If you have a job and you don’t love it, you’re going to work. I don’t want to work. I want to do something that I did that’s fun. That makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Makes me feel like I’ve helped somebody out. Contributed to mankind in some way. Maybe moved a pebble or rock or a boulder, it doesn’t matter. I moved it. And that’s when you accomplish things, man.

“If somebody would’ve told me 20 years ago that I’m doing what I’m doing right now, I’d have laughed in your damn face, man. It blows me away that, that I let myself become trapped, become watered down. I cheated myself and I cheated my fans. And I regret that. I really do. I know I had to go through a lot of things to become who I am today, but man, those were some tough years.”

Speaking on a recent episode of his Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho appeared to confirm that Rhodes had joined WWE.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.