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Jake Roberts – “Cody Rhodes A Couple Of Years Away” From WWE Title

Cody Rhodes & Jake Roberts in the ring

Jake Roberts has boldly suggested that Cody Rhodes is quite some way away from achieving his dream of winning the WWE Championship.

Upon re-joining WWE at WrestleMania 38, Cody Rhodes made no secret of his desire to win the WWE Championship. In fact, he later admitted that it was one of his main motivations to return to the company.

Following WrestleMania, Rhodes cut a promo on Monday Night Raw where he promised to the win the title for his late father, the American Dream, who never achieved the honour.

Following multiple victories over Seth Rollins it appeared that the American Nightmare was well on his way into the World Title picture. However, that momentum was brought to a shuddering halt when Rhodes suffered a serious pectoral injury before Hell In A Cell.

Despite the injury, Rhodes still wrestled as planned but has now undergone surgery to fix the issue and will be out for around six months.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts, who worked alongside Rhodes in AEW, suggested that the star could be as much as two years away from winning the WWE Championship.

“I think Cody has a chance to be a great world champion. I think he’s a couple of years away yet. Maybe not (Roberts added after DDP disputed the prediction). He has got it all. He is the total package.”

During the conversation, Diamond Dallas Page named Rhodes as one of the best speakers in the business today, referring back to a recent promo on Raw.

“I’m not picking favourites, but I think Cody is one of the best promo guys on the planet. He has got his own style, and it’s nothing like his father. It’s very important to him that he is an original and his own man. Going into it, the moment, and he showed that in one promo that Cody did when he was out there. It was so heartfelt. It choked me up, watching it.”

Cody Rhodes’ match with Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell was awarded five stars by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It’s the first main roster match to be awarded the rating in over a decade.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.