Jake Roberts Argued With Vince McMahon Over Undertaker Character Changes

The Undertaker drags Jake Roberts at WWE WrestleMania VIII 1992

Jake Roberts has revealed how he once sought out an argument with Vince McMahon over possible changes the then-WWE boss was planning for The Undertaker character!

Jake Roberts wasn’t willing to sit back and watch Vince McMahon completely change The Undertaker’s WWE persona.

As told on the latest DDP Snake Pit podcast, ‘The Snake’ once got into a debate with Vince McMahon over possible changes he was going to implement into The Undertaker’s WWE character. It’s not known what changes, exactly, McMahon was thinking of but clearly, Roberts was right to judge – it could have fumbled the progression of arguably the most acclaimed wrestler in WWE history.

Quite clearly, Jake’s main plea with Vince was that if something wasn’t broke, then there was no need to fix it:

“I’m old school, I like the first one. I know I was in a meeting with Undertaker and Vince and creative. And they were talking about changing his [Undertaker’s] character. And I asked, ‘Excuse me. I have one question. Is it not working anymore? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Leave it the f*ck alone. Why break something that’s working?’ I thought they lost a lot when they went to the next step. I thought they lost a lot.”

The Undertaker went through various changes in character direction throughout his three-decade WWE tenure, including his synonymous ‘Deadman’ persona, his beloved ‘American Bada**’ character, and his Ministry of Darkness cult personality.

‘Taker and Jake Roberts shared the ring on fifteen occasions, with Jake even being the second opponent – after only Jimmy Snuka – defeated by the WWE Hall of Famer at WrestleMania, doing so at the eighth ‘Mania. They last competed in the same match during the 1997 Royal Rumble match.

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