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Jake Roberts Apologizes To Ricky Steamboat

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts offered an apology after making comments about Ricky Steamboat’s health and hopes his friend will let him “come back in.”

Back in April, Jake Roberts gave a worrying update on the health of Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat, saying that he’d heard from a reliable source that Steamboat was in poor health. However, Ricky Steamboat has since dismissed these comments and assured fans that other than some arthritis, he’s doing well.

Now, speaking on the latest episode of DDP Snake Pit, Jake “the Snake” issued a public apology to his friend, noting that he shouldn’t have spoken about his health without checking with him first.

“I’ve got a heavy heart today, man. Last week, we were talking about someone who I hold in the highest regard. Nobody higher, and I value our friendship as much as I do Dallas and mine. He’s just a lovely, lovely man.

“Last week, out of concern, I brought up something that I had no business bringing up because I didn’t check who said it. Number one, you should never, and folks out there you should learn from this, you should never talk about someone unless you check the facts. I said that I’d heard that Ricky (The Dragon Steamboat) was having problems with a mental aspect. I did it out of concern and love and fear. Fear that I’d been the reason that maybe that he was having problems. The good news is he’s not having any damn problems.”

Jake Roberts continued, saying that he was “totally wrong” and that he’s scared he’ll lose their friendship over this. He pleaded with Steamboat not to shut the door on their friendship.

“I repeated something that I’d heard from what I thought was a very good source. Someone that spends time with him, and I was totally wrong in doing it. I’m ashamed that I did it. I am so scared that I’m gonna lose my friendship with him. I reached out with no luck.

“Ricky, I certainly understand you have the right to kick my butt, whatever, just don’t shut the door on our friendship. That’s all I ask. I would really miss that. Number one talent. Nobody better at selling. A phenomenal athlete. Phenomenal man. A great human being, and please, let me come back in. Thank you.”

It was recently rumored that Ricky Steamboat would be part of Ric Flair’s last match taking place at Starrcast in July, but Steamboat has since made it clear that he won’t be returning to the ring.

h/t Fightful