Jake Paul’s Pitch To Join WWE Doesn’t Go To Plan

On February 26th, Jake Paul tasted defeat for the first time in his boxing career.

The social media star met Tommy Fury at a special event in Saudi Arabia but lost out on a split decision despite knocking Fury down late in the bout. Paul’s boxing record now stands at six wins, with one defeat.

On the way home from the event, Jake posted a number of videos on Instagram with his brother Logan. In the clips, Jake asks Logan if he needs a co-host on his Impaulsive podcast, to which his brother replied “No not at the moment. Not at Impaulsive.”

He then changed tact slightly and asked if Logan needed a tag team partner in WWE, but was again knocked back. Looking slightly stunned by his brother’s rejection he ended the video.

Is Jake Paul Joining WWE?

Jake Paul had a brief dalliance with WWE previously when he made a cameo in Logan Paul’s match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. In the lead-up to his fight with Fury, the star admitted that he would be interested in further appearances in the future, however, he’s wary of an injury hurting his boxing career.

Logan Paul is set to appear on the March 6th episode of Monday Night Raw to confront Seth Rollins.