Jake Paul – “It’s Hard To Be Afraid Of A Guy Named Seth”

Seth Rollins Raw entrance

Seth Rollins is one of the biggest names in WWE and professional wrestling as a whole, but that hasn’t impressed Jake Paul.

Since the Royal Rumble, Rollins has been locked in an increasingly tense feud with Logan Paul. The YouTube star eliminated him from the men’s Royal Rumble match and cost him a shot at the United States Title at Elimination Chamber. For his part, Rollins claimed that no one likes Paul and that he doesn’t care about pro wrestling.

The animosity came to a head on the March 6th episode of Raw where the pair came face-to-face once more. The end result was a match at WrestleMania and Paul laying out his rival with a devastating right hand.

On the latest episode of his Impaulsive podcast with his brother Jake, Logan Paul discussed his WrestleMania opponent. After Logan claimed that he didn’t know who Rollins was before he signed with WWE, Jake said that he could “beat the f*ck” out of him, adding that “it’s hard to be afraid a guy named Seth.”

Jake: Who is Seth Rollins?

Logan: That’s the question that I was asking.

Jake: He sounds like a f*cking b*tch.

Logan: He actually said some not so nice things about your loss (to Tommy Fury). I didn’t know who he was until I got into wrestling. Apparently, he’s pretty big in the wrestling world.

Jake: Not that big. I’ll beat the f*ck out of him.

Logan: I know who he is now. He’s very good at what he does. Very good at what he does. He’s probably top three in the business right now. For that reason, it’d be an honor to take him out at WrestleMania. I’m really happy with this matchup.

Mike: Is he liked?

Logan: I think he’s liked because of how good he is at being the villain kind of conniving, funky energy. He has Joker energy.

Jake: Hard to be afraid of a guy named Seth.”

Jake Paul Open To WWE Appearances

Although Jake Paul is yet to wrestle a match of his own, he’s expressed a desire to get involved in the future while he made a cameo at Crown Jewel.

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