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Jake Lee Wins All Japan Pro Wrestling 2021 Champion Carnival

Jake Lee wins Champion Carnival 2021

Jake Lee has won the 2021 edition of the Champion Carnival, defeating company ace Kento Miyahara to seal the historic victory!

A shocking heel turn earlier in the year positioned Lee as an early favourite to win the prestigious tournament. In a double turn involving Shotari Ashino, Lee joined the Enfants Terribles faction, though the faction was soon renamed: Total Eclipse was born.

Going into the final day of the tournament, everything was still to play for. Multiple competitors, including former Champion Carnival winners Miyahara and current Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Suwama, could theoretically win the tournament.

Results earlier in the night ensured that a clear victor in the main event would win the the whole tournament, as both Lee and Miyahara had ten points. Miyahara was the winner of the 2019 Champion Carnival, as well as the man that recently held the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship for an incredible 519 days (the third longest reign in the company’s history).

Despite the huge task in front of him, Jake Lee was successful in winning his first Champion Carnival. The sole competitor to earn twelve points, Lee lost just two matches throughout the tournament. These came against Yuma Aoyagi and, interestingly, Suwama. His chance to avenge the loss against Suwama will come soon, as the match date has been set: The 16th of May will see Jake Lee and Suwama face off for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship.

Suwama has held the title for over 400 days, defending it successfully on seven occasions. His seven separate reigns with the title is a company record; even company legends Mitsuharu Misawa and Toshiaki Kawada made it to just five reigns. Adding to his Hall of Fame worthy career, Suwama has spent the second most days holding the title, with only Misawa exceeding his total.

Should Jake Lee be victorious in May, he will win his first ever Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. All Japan has not seen a first time Triple Crown winner since the 29th of July 2018 when Zeus started his only reign with the championship.

You can find out the full results of the 2021 Champion Carnival here. The 2021 Champion Carnival can be watched on AJPW.TV. New users can sign up to the platform for 900 Yen per month.