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Jade Cargill Reveals Intentions For AEW Women’s Division

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AEW’s newest recruit, Jade Cargill, has opened up about her training under Dustin Rhodes and how she intends to improve the promotion’s women’s division.

Speaking to the AEW Unrestricted Podcast, the imposing and impressive Cargill discussed how she’s been working closely with the legendary Dustin Rhodes and in what ways the artist formerly known as Goldust has improved her performance:

“I’ve been working with Dustin. Dustin, he’s really been geared in. He’s been making sure that I literally am prepared. He made my debut super easy for me. He talked me through everything, as well as QT at The Nightmare Factory. They’ve been sitting down, talking to me, rehearsing with me, making sure that everything is perfect. Dustin wouldn’t have me out there if it was anything less. They’re a relaxing community, but Dustin is my guy, QT’s my guy. Love them.

It’s amazing. Dustin is all in when it comes to the women’s division, as well as QT. He’s very honest. If he feels like you’re out there looking crazy, he will definitely tell you that you’re out there looking crazy, and he’s old school. So he really educates you about a lot of things, and being that I came from more of an athletic background, I need that. He’s, right now, my mentor in AEW. I love it.”

After she discussed her beginnings at The Nightmare Factory, for which she was referred to by Mark Henry, Cargill went on to discuss her aspirations to make the AEW women’s division a better and more competitive league with the aide of QT Marshall:

“I train with QT Marshall at The Nightmare Factory. For the most part, [I’m there] at least four-five days a week. Whenever he calls me up, I’m like, ‘Alright, let’s go,’ and we’ll go because I’m there to make the women’s division better. And I want to be better, and I feel like I can do nothing but get better. And I don’t think anybody has a ceiling in wrestling. Everybody can learn something new, so I’m all for being trained. And, I mean, why not? I love working with QT. He helps me out a lot.”

Jade Cargill made her AEW debut as the mouthpiece for Shaq, challenging Cody Rhodes on the behalf of the NBA star. It is now suspected that the colossus will make some form of appearance in the near future in order to begin a program with the AEW Superstar.

Credit for the interview: AEW Unrestricted

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.