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Jacques Rougeau Calls Controversial Title Change “Worst Thing WWE Has Ever Done”

Jacques Rougeau PCO

Former WWE Superstar Jacques Rougeau says he believes that a controversial title switch is the “worst thing” the company has ever done in its long and storied history.

Rougeau competed for several years with his brother Ray in the then-WWF as The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. The brash French-Canadians were hated by many but adored by those in their homeland on Quebec.

This may have led those in charge of WWF to make the decision to have Jacques and Ray defeat the WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation for the gold in Montreal in August 1987.

The Rougeaus had won the titles and celebrated with their adoring public before the company decided to reverse the decision and keep the titles on Bret Hart and Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart.

Speaking to WSI Jacques Rougeau lamented WWF’s decision to swap the titles back with no explanation and alludes to the event being the biggest screwjob Montreal has ever seen:

“I’d say that’s giving false hope to the people, that’s giving false hope to the boys [superstars] in that situation. I think that was the worst thing that WWF [WWE] has ever done, everywhere in different territories, is just to please the people that night and then screw them the next day and take the titles back or something.”

“During the week there, they switched it in the newspaper saying it wasn’t the right guy who pinned the right guy, so they lost the titles. So that was a big screwjob in Montreal, a real screwjob in Montreal, because The Rougeaus, we were icons here.”

Although Jacques Rougeau never officially held the WWF Tag Team Title with his brother, he did go on to capture the belts with Pierre Carl Ouellet as The Quebecers three times in 1993 and 1994.

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