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Jacques Rougeau Recalls Controversial Hart Foundation Match As “The First Montreal Screwjob”

Jacques Rougeau on Hart Foundation

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Jacques Rougeau has opened up about an infamous bout with The Hart Foundation that he calls the “first Montreal Screwjob.”

In August 1987 The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers defeated The Hart Foundation for the WWE Tag Team Championship at a live event in the Rougeau’s hometown of Montreal. However, days later they were told the decision had been reversed and WWE never acknowledged the title change had ever happened.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes’ Keith Elliot Greenberg for issue 15 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, Jacques Rougeau explained how he and his brother Raymond thought they had actually become WWE Tag Team Champions until their dreams were dashed:

“We all know about the Montreal Screwjob with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Well, this was the first Montreal Screwjob in WWE. We were on fire in the province and drew a big crowd. And for three days, we thought we were the champions.”

“And then, they announced in the paper that the decision was reversed because the wrong man was in the ring. When we got to TV, the Harts were still the champions and no one ever acknowledged that we won. It was such an insult not just to me, but to the people in Quebec.”

Jacques Rougeau then discussed his relationship with Bret Hart, and claims The Hitman would complain to the right people if he wasn’t happy about a match result or creative:

“Bret and I knew each other a long time since I started in the business in Calgary in 1977. The Hart family received me in their home and took me in. And he’s a great cartoonist, who would draw pictures of (road agent) Chief Jay Strongbow and the other people who were a pain in the ass on a whiteboard in the dressing
room. He was so much fun and so credible in the ring.”

“In the WWF, we had the greatest matches with The Hart Foundation—first when we were babyfaces, then when we were heels. But Bret was a very hard businessman, and he’d go and talk to the promoter if he didn’t like a decision. And I think Bret didn’t want to lose the titles.”

“It was like what happened in 1992 when I was The Mountie. I beat Bret for the Intercontinental Title. But they created a story that he had pneumonia. So, as far as the fans knew, the only reason I took the belt was because I was wrestling a dead man. But I’m going to say something else about Bret. Because he acted like this and protected himself, he became maybe the most popular wrestler in the world. So who was right and who was wrong?”

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