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Jacques Rougeau On His Falling Out With Kevin Owens

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Jacques Rougeau, the man many will remember as The Mountie, has spoken about his fall-out with current WWE Superstar, Kevin Owens.

Beginning his career at The Mountie’s Wrestling School run by Rougeau, Owens rose through the ranks quickly and exhibited skill and knowledge above his years and those who surrounded him.

However, by the time Owens had come to the end of his tenure under the tutelage of the tag team and singles specialist, student and teacher had a contentious relationship which caused the pair to split in acrimonious circumstances.

Now, the former WWF Tag Team Champion has sat down with Dr. Chris Featherstone of UnSKripted to discuss his training of Kevin Owens and why the duo no longer talk:

“Kevin Owens was a phenomenon when he came to my wrestling school. He was five years at my wrestling school, but he had this ability of learning fast. So listen, I haven’t followed Kevin’s career that much after he left because we didn’t leave on quite great terms when he left my territory. So, I didn’t follow up on him, but I noticed that success was following him, and amazing to see myself in the ring at so many times because of the way he kicks, the promos. Because when I think, the guys in my school, I used to teach them from scratch. It was not only in the ring but the mic, the entrance, the arenas. He was really a great talent and a natural talent.”

Whilst his praise of the former WWE Universal Champion seemed legitimate, Rougeau soon moved onto the split which occurred when the trainer refused to allow the talent to work for other promotions than his own:

“We had a falling out, Kevin and I. One reason was because he didn’t respect the fact that my boys weren’t allowed to go and wrestle for other companies. And that was a rule that was very hard for the boys to understand because everybody wanted to go and learn and get a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But the thing was, I was doing tremendously well with my company, and I was selling out all my arenas with 3-4 thousand people, but with no TVs. And I was going from company to company and selling the market, that was no sex, no drugs, no violence, no girls in my shows. It was really oriented towards kids. But the thing was, all my shows were sold out. Not because it was easily done, I had to go work hard, but the thing was, he was such a great talent and the talent that I produced that I taught in the wrestling business and then came did my shows is I went to every company and told them, I said, ‘Hey, wait till you see the match between the Spiderman and The Mummy. And wait till you see this match, Kevin Steen – Kevin Steen was his name at the time, Kevin Steen against Gorgeous Mike. So I was selling all this talent to the companies where I was going. Many times at the beginning, the guys would go on a spot show on a Friday night and hurt an ankle or something. So they won’t be able to come to my 5000 people show, because they were in front of 25 people the night before and they hurt themselves.”

Rougeau ended the interview with more praise for his former student and conceded that he understood why the then Kevin Steen was annoyed about not being released to explore elsewhere:

“But he was a good student, he was great. So, after we had our falling out, and the couple of boys who were against my policies, which I respected. I said, ‘Listen, if you want to go wrestle for other federations, do it, but I’m not going to be using you.’ And that was my choice. It was my company, my business, and I did 20 years of great success with my business like that. But I understand that my boys, I do. I understand the boys being upset that they can’t wrestle for another federation.”

Since leaving the side of Jacques Rougeau, Kevin Owens has made himself a worldwide star in Ring of Honor and World Wrestling Entertainment where he is scheduled to battle Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at TLC on December 20.

Credit for the interview: UnSKripted

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone