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Jacques Rougeau Recalls Slapping Hulk Hogan So Hard His Tooth Loosened

Jacques Rougeau on Hulk Hogan

Jacques Rougeau recalls the promo segment leading to their infamous match at the Molson Centre that saw Hulk Hogan’s tooth loosened by an excited slap!

During his time in WCW in 1997, Jacques Rougeau had the rare honor of getting to defeat then WCW World Heavyweight Champion in a non-title match in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec during a show he ran for his own promotion.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes’ Keith Elliot Greenberg for issue 15 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, the former Mountie recounted how an angle leading up to their match at the Molson Centre saw him slap Hulk Hogan so hard that he inadvertently loosened one of the Hulkster’s teeth.

“We built up the match really good. All the press was there when he came into the airport, and before he got in his limo, I did an angle where I slapped him in the face. I was excited and I did it so hard, I loosened his tooth.”

Despite this mishap, Hogan showed respect for everything the Rougeau family had done in Montreal and insisted on losing to his opponent, which was out of character for the World Champion.

“But when we got to the building, he said he wanted to do the job for me. I thought he was joking. But he meant it. I let him beat me up the whole match, and then, I won with a small package. The place went crazy. Everyone still remembers it. Hulk told me he did it because of everything the Rougeau family contributed to wrestling in Montreal.”

While respect for the Rougeaus certainly played a part in Hogan’s decision, Rougeau revealed the Hulkster’s manager Jimmy Hart had another idea of why his client may have decided to put over the Quebec native.

“But Jimmy Hart said Hulk Hogan respected me for what happened with Dynamite Kid, how it just stopped all the terrible ribbing that was going on. Because a guy like Dynamite, being on steroids and everything, he could have ribbed Hulk, too.”

Jacques Rougeau has spoken in the past about the fact that Hulk Hogan was not a fan of the attitude of the British Bulldogs, the tag team comprised of Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith.