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Jacques Rougeau Recalls “Cruel Ribs” From Mr Fuji And The British Bulldogs

Jacques Rougeau - The Mountie

Jacques Rougeau has revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the cruel ribs that the likes of Mr Fuji and The British Bulldogs used to play on fellow wrestlers.

There are a whole raft of wrestlers throughout history who are almost as famous for their antics outside of the ring as they are for their accomplishments inside the squared circle. The combination of an almost unthinkable travel schedule and sheer boredom led to many performers finding ways to amuse themselves. This often came in the form of practical jokes or ribs.

However, not all of these jokes were simply good natured back and forth, sometimes crossing the line into bullying. It’s for this reason that Jacques Rougeau gained a reputation as someone who was outspoken against the “ribbing” culture backstage during his career throughout the 1980’s and 90’s.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes’ Keith Elliot Greenberg for issue 15 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, the former Intercontinental Champion said that on one occasion The British Bulldogs almost left Virgil in tears.

“Guys like Mr. Fuji and The British Bulldogs were always causing pain and suffering to people, especially people who didn’t like to fight. I remember the Bulldogs doing things to Virgil and he was practically crying. But the problem was that Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson thought the ribs were funny. So they didn’t stop.”

Jacques Rougeau famously had his own issues with Dynamite Kid, who was part of the British Bulldogs, which was chronicled during an episode of the documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring. After suffering from bullying at the hands of Kid, Rougeau sucker-punched the star with a roll of quarters in the locker room, knocking out several of Kid’s teeth.

Speaking elsewhere during an interview in October 2021, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi recalled a number of ribs that he had been the victim of or witnessed first hand. Including one particular prank from the aforementioned Mr Fuji which resulted in the Smoking Guns getting fired.