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Jacques Rougeau Tells All About Backstage Fight With Dynamite Kid

Jacques Rougeau Dynamite Kid

Former WWF Intercontinental Champion Jacques Rougeau has discussed in-depth the story of his infamous backstage fight with The Dynamite Kid.

Rougeau competed for several years with his brother Ray in the then-WWF as The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. The brash French-Canadians were hated by many but adored by those in their homeland on Quebec.

In January 1992 Jacques Rougeau achieved the greatest success of his career when he defeated fellow Canadian Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Championship while portraying The Mountie.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes’ Keith Elliot Greenberg for issue 15 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, Jacques Rougeau has explained the definitive story of what led him to knock four of Dynamite Kid’s teeth out backstage. Rougeau started by explaining how the bad blood between him and Kid began:

“Mr. Fuji and The British Bulldogs were the kings of ribbers and they created a lot of animosity. There was already heat between the Bulldogs and us. We were in Madison Square Garden and had a 20 minute
Broadway with them when they were champions. They were upset because they didn’t beat us. Then, after that, I became a victim of them when they started playing ribs on me.”

“We were in Syracuse and I wanted to get a flight home to Montreal to see my kids. We were on sixth, the Bulldogs were on third. There was no way they could get home to Calgary that night, but if we left earlier, we could just make the flight to Montreal. So I went to Strongbow and asked him to switch our matches.”

Mr. Perfect was trying to cause trouble. He came to see me in the dressing room, and he said, “Jacques if I were you, I’d be careful with my stuff. You’re on the sh*t list of the Bulldogs.” I said, ‘Okay, do you mind checking my bags when I’m in the ring?'”

“When I got to the dressing room after my match, Mr. Perfect looked at me right in my eye, then he looked at my bag, then he looked in my eye, looked at my bag, looked in my eye, looked at my bag and then, he looked down. So I thought the Bulldogs came and played with my stuff.”

“I looked through my bag really fast, but none of my clothes were cut up. But I felt something was wrong. So just before I left, I told Mr. Perfect, “I’m not going to stand for this shit. I’m going to talk to Vince when I get back.” Now, I was being accused of being a stooge.”

With trouble now brewing between Jacques Rougeau and The British Bulldogs, it wasn’t long before Dynamite Kid took his anger physically out on Rougeau:

“I was off for three days and now, we were in Miami. My father had a place down there for the winter and came to the show. As soon as I got to the dressing room, Mr. Perfect was sitting there with his back to the wall, a table in front of him and a deck of cards. I was a maniac about cribbage and cards, so I sat down.”

“Then, who came into the dressing room? The Harts and the Bulldogs—who were all in the same family (Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith were married to Bret’s sisters, while The Dynamite Kid was married to the sister of Bret’s wife at the time). They were with Don Muraco, who they were very close with.”

But my back was to them so I didn’t really see who was there. Perfect set it up like that. The next thing you know, I’m looking at my ace of spades and I get slapped on the side of my ear. I fell off the chair. It was only a slap but Dynamite was so stiff.”

“When I got up, he punched me in the face. He was screaming, “You want to stooge me, motherf*cker,” then he punched me again. I fell down again. My brother Raymond was on crutches so he couldn’t do anything. But he yelled, “Stay down,” so the fight would be over. Then, the Bulldog kicked me in the face, and I stayed down until they left. I was swollen up bad, but I wrestled that night.”

“But I was so f*cked up in my mind. Raymond and I went to my father’s house that night, but I sat in the back of the car and didn’t say anything. And I didn’t talk to my father the next morning when he drove us to the airport.”

“We were landing in Chicago that day, and the flight attendant made an announcement. “We’d like to welcome everyone who’s here from the WWF.” The whole plane cheered. “And we also want to congratulate Jacques Rougeau on his boxing match last night.” And all the boys laughed. So I lost everyone’s respect. I was lost in life.”

Following the humiliation on the plane, Jacques explained how he told his brother Ray Rougeau that he was going to get even with Dynamite Kid. Ray Rougeau even helped teach his brother how to fight in anticipation of the confrontation:

“I was in the rental car with Raymond and I knew we’d be in Fort Wayne, Indiana for TV in a few days. And I finally said, “When we get to TV, I’m doing my comeback there.” You should have seen the eyes of my brother Raymond. He was so happy. When we got to the room that night, Raymond put the mattress against the wall and started giving me boxing lessons.”

“He knew I wasn’t a fighter and he was trying to teach me tricks. But I was so nervous. I lost 12 pounds in four days. Every time I put food in my mouth, I threw up. I was praying to God, asking him to help me. I was so scared, but I had to do it for the family, for the Rougeau name.”

“The last time my father saw me, my face was swollen and I wasn’t even talking. But I called him and told him I was making my comeback. And said, ‘On the way there, go to the bank and pick yourself up a roll of quarters.’ And something else he said ‘When you punch him, you punch him to kill him.'”

However, while Rougeau was collecting his quarters, Vince McMahon had called a meeting of all his wrestlers to try and put a stop to the type of backstage shenanigans that had gone on between Rougeau and Kid:

“While I was busy at the bank, Vince called a meeting and had everyone around the ring and said if anyone got into another fight, they’d be fired. When we got to the arena, we saw the Bulldogs and Dino Bravo was sitting in the middle of them.”

“I went past them and said, “How you doing, Dino?” And Dino never looked at me. And I died when that happened, another French-speaking guy from Montreal who’s supposed to be my friend won’t even talk to me. He said hello to Raymond because Raymond would have kicked Dino’s ass so fast, you have no idea. Raymond is a killer. He goes for the eyes, the balls. He’s a bad ass, like Mad Dog Vachon.”

“When they opened the cafeteria for catering, Dynamite got up to go eat. And I remembered my dad telling me when I was young, “If ever you have to fight in life, make sure you fight on an empty stomach. Because if you eat, you get cramps, you lose your breath.” And I said, ‘I hope he eats like a pig.'”

With Ray on the lookout, Jacques Rougeau readied himself for a fight and was somewhat surprised to see that Dynamite Kid had been left by himself for a change:

“Raymond and I stationed ourselves in the corridor right in front of the cafeteria. And for the first time in a week, the Bulldogs and the Harts and Muraco weren’t all together. They also hung out with Bad News Brown because he spent a lot of time in Calgary.”

“They all came out one at a time. Maybe because Vince said people would be fired for fighting, their guard was down. The last one to come out was Dynamite. I had the quarters in my hand. I wasn’t looking directly ahead of me. This is something I later taught at my wrestling school. You do the 180-degree look. It’s like in hockey, when they pass the puck, they’re not looking at the guy they’re passing to. They keep their eyes everywhere, like a wrestler should when he’s in the ring.”

“But when I saw Dynamite walking towards me, I looked up to make sure I was hitting the right guy. When I knew it was him, I put my head down like I was afraid of him. Then, I looked up in his eyes and I said, “How you doing?” He had a coffee in his hand, and he gave me a big, obnoxious smile. And I frickin’ hit him.”

“I remembered my dad and I hit him to kill him. And when I hit him, four teeth came out. It was like a monster movie. Blood was spurting all over me. He grabbed me by the trunks, but didn’t go down. Maybe it was the steroids. He was a little monster. And I looked at Raymond and he said, “Hit him. F*ckin’ hit him.” I started jabbing him and people were running from everywhere. Bad News Brown finally caught me by the throat and backed me up. The fight was over.”

“But Dynamite was screaming, ‘I’m gonna f*ck you up. I’m gonna f*ck you up.’ And I yelled back at him, ‘Next time I’m gonna put you in a f*ckin’ wheelchair.'”

Jacques Rougeau finished by detailing the reaction to the proceedings by the likes of Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan and says despite Vince McMahon’s warnings, the Chairman didn’t fire Rougeau for his actions:

“My brother and I walked away and we went by Randy Savage’s dressing room. He stuck his head out and looked at the blood all over me and said, “Oooh, yeeeah.” And he shut the door because he didn’t like those ribs either.”

“We knocked on Vince’s door, and he was in the room with Hulk Hogan. Hulk took a look at me and said, “I’m out of here, brother.” And Vince said, “Oh my god, what happened?” And he shut the door.”

And I said, “Vince, before you say anything, for the last week, I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror. If you want to fire me, it’s okay. But I just want you to know that, starting now, I can look at myself in the mirror again.” Vince said, “I’m not going to fire you, but just stay in here and lock the door.” And I said, “Really, you don’t have to tell me that. Everybody here wants to kill us.” Vince left and came back. And he told us to get our stuff.”

“The Bulldogs were flying to Europe, but we were going to New York. So we wouldn’t be in the same building. He said, “You’re not going to work tonight, but I’ll see you in New York.” And he escorted us through the building, all the way to our car in the parking lot..”

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