Jack Perry Wins AEW Championship Gold

Jack Perry Wins AEW Championship Gold

Jack Perry, formerly known as Jungle Boy, made a transformative statement on Wednesday night as he buried his past and went on to win the FTW Championship from HOOK on Dynamite.

Perry capitalised on a downed referee, seizing the opportunity to strike HOOK in the head with the weighty FTW Title belt, securing a pinfall victory. This triumph marks Perry’s inaugural singles title, following his previous reign as one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions alongside Luchasaurus.

Before the match, Perry unveiled a new entrance theme, signifying the transformation he was about to undergo. Initially, his old theme, Tarzan Boy by Baltimora, reverberated through the arena but was abruptly halted. A video then played, depicting Perry in a desert setting, symbolically burying his old wrestling boots.

As the crowd’s anticipation built, Perry made his way to the ring, accompanied by the iconic and timeless First Movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Shedding his moniker of Jungle Boy, he was now announced simply as Jack Perry.

For HOOK, this loss is the first ever in his professional wrestling career. Having debuted in December 2021 on an episode of Rampage, he had enjoyed an impeccable record of 34-0. His 10-0 victory was when he captured the FTW Championship from Ricky Starks in July 2022.

What’s Next For Jack Perry In AEW?

It remains unclear what the next steps will be for Jack Perry following his FTW Championship win. It is customary in wrestling for the former champion to be entitled to a rematch following the loss of a title, whether this rematch will occur on the next episode of Dynamite or further down the line remains to be seen.

AEW’s next major PPV event is All In at Wembley Stadium, Jack Perry will surely look to hold onto the title and defend it on this grand stage to put a stamp on his reign as FTW Champion.

The new heelish persona of Perry has been noticed by Jim Cornette, who has given some advice to the new FTW Champion.

In recent news, on the August 16th episode of Dynamite Jack Perry announced he would look to retire the FTW Championship.