IWGP Women’s Championship Belt Unveiled

IWGP Women's Championship NJPW Stardom

The design for the new IWGP Women’s Championship has been revealed!

Throughout the company’s history, New Japan Pro Wrestling has established a working agreement with various promotions, ranging from WWE and WCW to IMPACT Wrestling and ROH. However, its relationship with World Wonder Ring STARDOM offers something different for the company as it has historically featured only male wrestling talent.

It’s rare to find a women’s outing penned for a New Japan card but slowly over the past few years, Stardom workers have wowed NJPW fans with one or two encounters every year.

A recent report revealed that Stardom wrestlers would be featured on NJPW of America shows going forward, during the July 29th Stardom 2022 Strategy Meeting, the creation of a new IWGP Women’s Championship was announced.

Now, the design for the new belt has been revealed on Stardom’s social media.

One fan noticed that the belt looked a bit familiar, pointing out the similarities to the second version of the IWGP Heavyweight Title. Stardom confirmed that the new belt had indeed been inspired by that design.

The new champion will be crowned following a tournament which is set to feature two sets of brackets in the quarterfinal rounds, one made up of Stardom talent and one for Internationals. The tournament will begin on the second night of Royal Quest in England on October 2nd and will culminate on November 20th at the cross-promotional Historic X-Over event in Tokyo, Japan.