“It’s Not A Done Deal” – Eric Bischoff On Hulk Hogan’s Netflix Biopic

Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan

Eric Bischoff has cast a shadow of doubt over the upcoming Hulk Hogan Netflix biopic by stating the project is not a done deal.

Bischoff, who will serve as Executive Producer of the programme alongside Hulk Hogan himself, has recently spoken about the on-screen biography during his 83 Weeks Podcast and shot down rumours that filming is ready to begin:

“The information about this movie was never supposed to make the press, although Chris [Hemsworth] has done some interviews and made some very broad references to the project… there’s no official statement. The project is still technically in development, meaning it’s not scheduled for production. There’s no casting going on. There’s no scheduling going on. It’s still in, I would say, the late stages of development. So, it’s not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination. I wish it was, because I’d be out looking for a new truck. But it’s not.”

Despite stating that the deal has not yet been done, Eric then revealed that his portion of the work for the enterprise was as good as done before speaking on the talent involved behind the scenes, as well the lead actor himself:

“When you have the trifecta of Todd Phillips, who’s one of the more sought-after directors in Hollywood, [writer] Scott Silver, same could be said easily, and then it’s not that hard to get a guy like Chris Hemsworth. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s not that hard. It becomes a little easier to attract a top, top, top, top level actor when you’ve got top, top level directors and writers… That’s called packaging, and I think the packaging is what got this movie off the ground. That took place two years ago.

The biggest holdup right now, is COVID. This is a big movie, by the way. It’s a wrestling-based movie. So, guess what you need to have in a wrestling-based movie—a crowd! Where are you going to do that? You can’t even have ten people at your house for Thanksgiving right now. So, until that part of it is figured out, it’s likely that this project is going to stay kind of right where it is, which is really far down the line. I don’t want to sound like it’s not going to happen. It’s going to happen.”

However, contrary to what Eric Bischoff says, a recent Twitter post by Hulk Hogan showing Chris Hemsworth’s new physique and a side-by-side photo comparison would suggest that the television movie is ready to get underway.

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