“It’s Just A Question Of When” – Brian Pillman Jr. To WWE

Brian Pillman Jr

Brian Pillman Jr. seems destined to move to WWE, but uncertainty still surrounds the deal.

In early July, Brian Pillman Jr. left AEW after his contract with the promotion expired. This sparked speculation that he could move to WWE and these rumours seem to have an air of truth after it was reported that the second-generation star had been spotted working out at the Performance Center.

However, things aren’t quite that straightforward. Given WWE’s impending merger with UFC and an impressive number of rising stars in NXT, the company is said to be in no rush to add to its roster. However, that doesn’t mean that a deal for the star is dead either.

It’s been reported that a deal for Brian Pillman Jr’. is ready to go, and he could begin work by the end of August.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that while WWE is interested there’s no rush to conclude a deal.

“Yeah, so I know that there is interest by WWE, I’ve seen it reported that he has signed, I certainly can’t confirm that. I don’t know 100% what the status is, but from people there who know that they were interested in him. I mean, WWE is not hiring a lot of guys. Like if it was Rush, yeah they might have, but he got a better offer from AEW and they weren’t willing to go as high as AEW went for him, so they got outbid for him and all that.

I mean if it’s someone really big, yeah they’ll hire them. But Pillman doesn’t really fit into that to me. I don’t know, but Pillman talked about this great thing that he has coming up. Usually if it’s this great thing that you can’t talk about.

I know that they liked him, but I don’t know if he is going to be hired right away. At some point are they interested in hiring him? I know the answer is at some point probably. It’s just a question of when, maybe they will do it this week. There is no law that they can’t, but I was told that unless it is somebody really big then they are really not hiring. They have got so many people under contract right now, they have really stuck their whatever out for all of these college athletes, and they have a bunch more that are ready to start on TV.”

Brian Pillman Jr. Drops Tease About Future

Following reports that Brian Pillman Jr. could be about to join WWE, the man himself dropped a huge hint that big news is on the way. Speaking during a virtual signing, the star said he’d got a huge moment and a huge opportunity lined up that he can’t talk about.

Many have taken this to mean he had an agreement with the sports entertainment giant lined up.

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