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“It’s About Staying Relevant” – Booker T On The Rap Song Of The Same Name

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WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, has given his opinion on the rap song named after him by Puerto Rican artist, Bad Bunny.

Speaking on a Question and Answer session on the Reality of Wrestling YouTube show – which belongs to the wrestling promotion run by the star – the five time World Heavyweight Champion was quizzed about the rap song of the same name and whether Bad Bunny was granted permission by the star beforehand.

Confirming that he did in fact grant permission for his ring name to be used as the title of the song, the former ‘King’ stated that it’s stuff like this that keeps him relevant:

“He reached out actually, he was a fan. One of those kids, you know, growing up, getting in trouble, doing the spin-a-rooni, scissor kicking somebody. That’s what was so cool about it – it was organic. It wasn’t something that him and I, you know, had to collaborate on. It was just that he was a fan of mine, and I’m a fan of the new generation and what the young guys are doing out there right now.

It ain’t about being the guy on the top of the mountain. It’s about staying relevant. In 2020, Booker T is still relevant heading into 2021. We’re getting ready to do it and do it big. I got to give props, man, I got to give props to Bad Bunny. For all these years, I’ve been waiting on a song about Booker T and now, Bad Bunny, the hottest Latin sensation in the world today, put me on, man. He put me on blast big time and I appreciate it. So staying relevant, Bad Bunny, you did that for me man, and I just want to say, I appreciate it.”

In-keeping with the theme of rap and the every moving culture of the present day, Booker T also noted that he tries to keep up with what is popular in order to stay relevant:

“I’m trying to stay connected to what’s going on today. If you don’t change with the times, the times will truly pass you by, so you got to be changing, man. You got to be knowing how to move. And for me to get just a piece of the action with the Latin community man, that right there for me is just letting me know where I’ve gone with my career and how many people I’ve touched along the way.”

Booker T isn’t the only wrestling name to have had dealings with the music industry lately. Several weeks ago, Randy Orton was honoured in a music video by 2 Chainz, when the artist executed an RKO onto one of his models.

The song, ‘Booker T’, can be found on the album El Ăšltimo Tour Del Mundo.

Credit for the interview: Reality of Wrestling

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.