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“It Will Not Be A Third Hour Of Dynamite” – Tony Khan On AEW Adding More Television Time

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AEW President, Tony Khan, has spoken out about the much talked about third hour of AEW television which the head of the company first announced in 2020.

With AEW Dynamite currently sitting on two hours on a Wednesday night and AEW Dark on YouTube – not counted as an official hour of actual television time – many fans were thrilled when the company first dropped hints that they were about to add a third hour of programming to their schedule.

While the furore surrounding the news ended in the usual speculation as to what it could mean, AEW quietly trademarked the show name AEW Elevation with fans pointing to a second weekly television show on TBS as the result of said announcement.

Now, Tony Khan has sat down with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions Podcast to discuss what the third hour may or not entail once he’d cited it as the thing he’s most looking forward to in 2021:

“I’m really excited about adding a third hour of television and I think that’s going to be the most important thing for us. We’ve accumulated so much talent and so much depth on the roster and being able to showcase all of our great wrestlers.”

When asked by the host if the third hour would be tacked onto the tail end of AEW Dynamite, the owner categorically stated that he was not interested in a three hour programme and it would be something else entirely:

“Yes, it will not be a third hour of Dynamite and it will not be on Wednesday but it will be a third hour with Warner Media, it will be a third TV hour and it will be great exposure for us. We got Dark, which has been a great platform for our up and comers on YouTube and I think there are other streaming options and other shows we can do with YouTube or other streaming platforms. So there’s going to be more opportunities, there’s going to be more real estate for our wrestlers without over-saturating. I definitely don’t want to do three hours of Dynamite, I feel really strongly about keeping our big four pay-per-views, the core, big four, we may develop other shows, we’ve got other streaming specials and things and big episodes of Dynamite but I think just expanding our calendar will be a big thing in 2021.”

While Khan gave no other hints as to whether he was about mould his product around the WCW formula – a several hour main show in Nitro with a one hour supplemental in Thunder – it’s going to be interesting to see how Khan structures his product in 2021 and if he can make the incoming show as successful as Dynamite.

Credit for the interview: Oral Sessions