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“It Was Actually Going To Fly” – Konnan Reveals Stellar Ideas For Max Moon

Max Moon

Max Moon was one of the most out-of-this-world Superstars to ever step foot in the WWE ring. Despite having an entrance charged with special effects, though Moon’s career would be far from Stellar.

Due to some disagreement backstage, the brainchild of Mexican wrestling legend Konnan would be hampered from the get go before Tom Boric – AKA Paul Diamond – took on the gimmick. Speaking with SK Wrestling, Konnan revealed the stellar ideas that were in place for Max Moon.

“That was actually my idea. I had actually seen it in Japan and I had told Vince McMahon about it and he liked the idea, you know, because it was really for kids. It was this robot that basically shot confetti, fire and then we were going to do a thing where it was actually going to fly, we were going to put a jetpack on it. It was going to fly from the entrance to the ring and it was just for kids. It would have worked but the thing was I lived in Mexico and they were making the outfit in LA. For example, I’d have to go to LA, pick up all these boxes and then we’d say fly to Boston, unload the boxes, maybe have to drive to like Cape Cod or something, put the boxes in another car, it was just a pain in the a** and at that time I was blowing up in Mexico in this soap opera, so I just stopped showing up for tapings, I fired myself, you know what I’m saying?”

Back in 2013, WWE.com also interviewed Konnan about the iconic Max Moon character, where the mishaps surrounding the Moon character were intiially revealed.

“Vince would come out to the ring with me and would watch me walk like a robot in the costume. He said, ‘I want you to dance.’ And I thought, ‘This guy’s gotta be kidding me.’ And he said, ‘I said dance!’ So I danced in the outfit. Little did I know at the time, this was spurring a lot of jealousy with the other wrestlers, because Vince didn’t spend that much time doing anything like that with anybody. And he invested $13,000 in this outfit. That was a lot of money back then. The wheels had already begun turning in some wrestlers’ heads. That was part of the reason I got fired, but it was also my own undoing.”

Konnan also opened up about how Diamond would become Max Moon in the archive interview.

“I heard from Tito Santana that one day, Paul Diamond went up to Vince and said, ‘I fit into that outfit.’ Tito called me and asked me to send Paul Diamond the boots. I was like, ‘He can find his own boots.’ Next thing I know, he was doing my gimmick, but part of my gimmick was I did lucha, which Paul Diamond didn’t. They gave the gimmick to him and Pat Patterson called to fire me.”