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“It Was A Little Much” – Jimmy Korderas On The Firefly Inferno Match

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Former WWE official, Jimmy Korderas, has given his opinion on the much debated finale to WWE Table, Ladders and Chairs on December 20, 2020.

When Randy Orton dropped a flaming Fiend with an RKO to win their Firefly Inferno Match at the culmination of WWE’s final event of the year, many watched with open mouths as ‘The Viper’ retrieved the petrol cannister from ringside, doused his rival’s body and set it alight, leaving it to burn in the middle of the ring.

While it was obvious to anyone with a keen eye how the stunt was done – recorded prior to TLC in order to convincingly swap Wyatt with the dummy that was burned – the act split the wrestling world with some believing that it will not be unbelievable when they eventually bring him back, while others believed that the act was a necessity in order for the character to evolve into some even darker.

Now, WWE’s former referee Jimmy Korderas has joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast to give his views on the angle and whether or not it was the correct type of adult material the USA Network necessitated WWE start producing:

“It’s tough because you talk about crossing a line and you talk about the Attitude Era and all the crazy stuff that went on there, I get toning it down. At the same time, I know you want to ramp things up, but for me, setting someone on fire is maybe just taking it a step too far. I don’t think they needed to go there.

You could have alluded to the fact. It’s like what they did with The Undertaker for example where he was put in a coffin before set on fire. You didn’t actually see the person on fire. It’s a little bit different this time. I think that was a little much showing, regardless of whether that was The Fiend lying there or a dummy. The visual was there, and I think it was a little much.”

Whether the opinion is that the act was too much or not, no one can deny that WWE delivered on what they were asked and continue to do so with Alexa Bliss.

At the culmination of the December 28, 2020, Monday Night Raw, ‘Little Miss Bliss’ laid in the middle of the ring covered in gasoline and dared Randy Orton to do the same to her. As the unhinged Orton lit the match, Raw went off air leaving us with a cliffhanger to end the year.

While the act was believed to keep the character off of television until Randy Orton had culminated his rivalry with Edge at WrestleMania, it is believed and has been reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that both men will clash once more in a Firefly Funhouse Match at the Royal Rumble on January 31.

Speaking about the upcoming match, Korderas orated that he was not excited for the battle but is keen to see how far WWE can stretch the realms of believability

“Yes and no only because it intrigues me in the sense of how far are they going to take this. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m looking forward to these guys getting back into it.’ It’s more like, ‘Okay, what is the next level that they can go to?”

Jimmy Korderas departed WWE in 2009 and since has worked for Ring of Honor and as a commentator on the independent circuit.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Wrestling Inc.