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“It Made Sense For Me To Beat Him” – DDP On Goldberg Match At Halloween Havoc [Exclusive]

DDP Goldberg

Diamond Dallas Page believes that he should have beaten WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg in their classic Halloween Havoc ’98 main event meeting and ended his legendary undefeated streak two months early.

Speaking with ITRWrestling.com’sGary Cassidy in an exclusive interview, Page explained that Dusty Rhodes had actually approached WCW chief Eric Bischoff that night and told him, “You know, E, this night tonight could be Dallas’ night.”

According to DDP, the reason Bischoff did not make the title switch was because Goldberg was already set to appear on the covers of Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide wearing the title, which was the sort of mainstream coverage WCW was desperate to receive at the time.

Although Goldberg was the hottest act in the promotion and his undefeated streak was a key driver of television and PPV numbers, Page believes that he should have been the man to defeat him and take the title:

“It made sense for me to beat him. And it would have just bumped me up to that Austin level. It would have, really. Especially to beat him clean. It would have taken me to a different spot.”

Page notes that it might have been a hard sell to get Goldberg to agree to lose the match, especially clean in the middle to the Diamond Cutter:

“It would have been a lot for him to swallow, me beating him, but the Diamond Cutter was so over at that time, you know, it would have really made sense – but that is what it is.”

The match – which Page says remains the best of Goldberg’s career and one of his four personal favourites that he ever had – was actually subject to much controversy at the time due to a situation involving WCW and the PPV companies.

WCW had asked PPV providers for the stacked Halloween Havoc (which also featured the infamous Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior WrestleMania VI rematch, Sting vs. Bret Hart and Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall) to receive an extension from the usual three-hour slot, but a communications breakdown meant the feed cut out just as the main event started, leaving thousands of paying customers unable to watch the match.

WCW rectified this the next night on Nitro by giving the match away from free and helping Nitro score its final Monday Night Wars victory over the WWF. But it was a pyrrhic victory, as the faux pas cost WCW millions of dollars in refunds.

As for Goldberg and his streak – that was ended two months later at Starrcade when booker Kevin Nash became the first man to pin Goldberg’s shoulders to the mat thanks to an assist from Scott Hall and a taser. Page reveals in the interview that the result and the way it went down “mortified” Goldberg.

Page, always a man to see the positives, admits that although him winning would have been great, it’s not something that he dwells on.

“I always say, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you win or lose, on both sides.”

You can read the full interview with Diamond Dallas Page here.